Bachelor in Social Work

Bachelor in Social Work

Objectives and formative activities of the study program

Study program "Bachelor in Social Work" is a program of the first cycle of university studies. This program is organized in 180 ECTS credits, on full-time basis, with an academic duration of 3 years. Studies in this program are offered in the Albanian language. This study program belongs to the 6th level of studies in compliance with the Albanian Framework of Qualifications. At the end of the studies, the "Bachelor's Diploma in Social Work" is issued.

This study program has been designed based on the existing experience in the formation and education of social workers in the country and the Global Standards for the Education and Training of Social Workers elaborated by the International Association of Social Workers. Through an interdisciplinary curriculum, the program offers undergraduate students a general education in social work, introduces them to the specializations and further branches of the social work profession, and equips them with the skills and techniques needed to work in the social services sector.

The mission of the study program "Bachelor in Social Work" is to fulfil the existing and anticipated needs of social work in the public and private sector, offering: Preparation of specialists in the field of social workers; deepening of students' knowledge, thus enabling their advanced preparation to build competencies and skills corresponding to qualified levels of employment and professionalism; knowledge of independent research through knowledge of research methods, instruments and techniques.

Opportunities for further studies

The system of knowledge offered by this program and the skills that students acquire through it enable them to pursue a professional, academic or research career, through the continuation of university studies in the second cycle, in professional master or master of science programs in the field of social work, or in integrated study programs.

Opportunities for employment and professional qualification

The student who holds a "Bachelor's Diploma in Social Work" can be employed in the public and private system of the social services sector, as well as, as collaborators of non-profit structures that provide direct services to the citizen.

Details of the study program(you can also download it in pdf format at the link below)

DownloadCurriculum in Bachelor in Social Work

First year

No. Name of subject/activity ECTS/Total
1 Academic Writing 5
2 Human Behavior & Social Environment 1 6
3 Introduction to Social Work and Social Work Institutions 6
4 Introduction to Psychology 5
5 Diversity and social and economic justice 5
6 English language 3
- Total ECTS First Semester 30
No. Name of subject/activity ECTS/Total
1 Introduction to Social Policy 4
2 Human Behavior & Social Environment 2 6
3 Analysis of Social problems and Social Work 5
4 Psychology of communication 5
5 Basics of Economics 5
6 Introduction to Sociology 5
- Total ECTS Second Semester 30

Second year

No. Name of subject/activity ECTS/Total
1 Individual and Group Processes 7
2 Greek language 3
3 Interviewing and Counseling in Social Work 5
4 Research methods 7
5 Gender Anthropology, Gender and Social Work 5
6 Computer Use 3
- Total ECTS Third Semester 30
No. Name of subject/activity ECTS/Total
1 Social work in the educational system 7
2 Aspects of Management in Social Work 4
3 Ethics in Social Work Practice 6
4 Social rights 4
5 Statistics for social sciences 5
6 Passive Practice in Institutions 4
- Total ECTS Fourth Semester 30

Third year

No. Name of subject/activity ECTS/Total
1 Social Work with Groups & Community 6
2 Social Work with the Individual 5
3 Methods and Skills in Social Work 5
4 Active Practice in Institutions 4
5 Social Work with Children 6
6 Practicum (seminar) 4
- Total ECTS Fifth Semester 30
No. Name of subject/activity ECTS/Total
1 Bioethics and palliative care 4
2 Social Work in Health Care 5
3 Social Work with the Family 4
4 Mental Health Problems and Policies 4
5 Practicum (seminar) 2
6 Administration in Social Work 5
7 Diploma Thesis/Formation Exam 6
- Total ECTS Sixth Semester 30